Orli Shaham’s

Baby Got Bach

Interactive concerts for kids ages 3-6

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Baby Got Bach can be presented in a number of different configurations, depending on the venue.

  • For more intimate venues (total audience up to 150), in which a separate space is available for activities, the show begins with BackStage Up Front, a one-on-one activity session, where children have a chance to play with real musical instruments, meet the musicians and participate in a Jam Session, where kids play along with percussion instruments. This is followed by the MainStage Concert - a listening tour of great live chamber music with audience participation, featuring Orli Shaham and her musician friends.
  • For a concert hall with fixed seating (up to 800 seats), without the availability of a separate space, children and their families enjoy an interactive concert of chamber music classics, featuring Orli Shaham as pianist and host along with other world-class performers. There's a high degree of audience participation, and the children are given a musician instrument to keep (such a kazoo or egg-shaker), shown how to play it, and invited to join the musicians on the stage for a special jam session.
  • For a smaller or classroom-sized space with a piano, Orli Shaham brings her engaging personality, rapport with young audiences and encyclopedic knowledge of music to this intimate program. In groups of 10, children will engage directly with Ms. Shaham. Orli Shaham's captivating presentation and performances make this an interactive program that will entertain and educate children and parents alike.


Please contact Executive Director Gail Wein for more information.