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Baby Got Bach

Interactive concerts for kids ages 3-6

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Baby Got Bach Frequently Asked Questions

Note: This information is in reference to NYC shows only


How much are tickets?

Ticket prices vary by performance venue. Be sure to visit our 'Shows' tab for details on all upcoming Baby Got Bach events.


Can I bring my infant?



Do I need a ticket for my infant?

Infants carried in a sling do not need a ticket. All others do need a ticket.


How long is the show?

The entire event is about 90-95 minutes long


What time should we arrive?

Officially, we open the doors right at the show start time. We do try to open about 10 minutes early.  The line outside forms somewhat earlier.


Do you have a place where I can put my stroller?



Are refreshments available?

A water fountain is available. You are welcome to bring your own snacks.


Will my child get to play a musical instrument?

Yes! The first part of our event, BackStage Up Front, features hands-on activities, where kids get to help play the instruments and meet the musicians.


I don’t live in New York. Will Baby Got Bach be coming to my town?

Yes!  Watch our website for announcements, and sign up for our mailing list for the latest news.